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Who is Baspan?

Baspan is a trademark of the Basso Pancotte group. The group has existed for over 30 years, operating in the veterinary and agricultural market throughout Brazil. The group's main activity is focused on the distribution of more than 8,5 thousand products such as veterinary medicines, personal protection equipment for the most diverse professional activities, vegetable seeds, pastures and corn, tools in general, household cleaning products and objects of domestic use. The Baspan brand features a wide range of products in various categories.

The highlight of this brand is the footwear line. Made only in Brazil, but using high quality imported raw material, the Baspan shoe line features a very wide variety of products, including PVC boots, EVA boots, PU boots, safety shoes, leather boots, among others.


Looking at a developing market, Basso Pancotte launches the Baspan PU Boot. That was the first polyurethane boot made in Brazil. It had a special attribute compared to existing Brazilian competitors: lightness.


With the Baspan brand already recognized in the Brazilian market, in 2013 Basso Pancotte once again innovates and launches the Baspan Superleve Boot. In addition to being light, this boot has other attributes such as comfort, resistance and the fact that it is thermal. At this point, the focus becomes to offer a highly specialized and quality product for the rural producer (country entrepreneur)


The Baspan brand is starting to be applied to other types of boots, such as those made of PVC, which still presented themselves as the sales leader in Brazil.


In order to remain in the market as an innovative brand, Baspan launches Ultraleve boots. An even lighter model than the Superlight. This boot is entirely made of EVA.


The first export of the Baspan Boots to Uruguay takes place.


Aiming to add more resistance to the sole of Ultraleve Baspan, made of EVA, the Ultraleve EVA PU was launched, with a polyurethane sole, bringing the expected resistance to some segments, without losing the lightness of EVA. This year the opening of the Colombian market also takes place, with the export of Baspan boots to that country.


Launch of the Baspanshoes website. Launch of new models. Beginning of the partnership with Rush Direct Inc. to commercialize the Baspan Boots in the USA.

Our mission

Serve our commercial partners in an agile, reliable and secure way, adding value to the business.

Our vision

To be a reference in the distribution and marketing of agricultural products in Brazil, standing out for the provision of services and constant innovation.

Our values

Honesty; Commitment; Problems solution; Appreciation of People; Ownership Culture.

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